The Demo and Mobile Support!

Hello, nice to see you again.

Proudly featuring the new Dekker Records demo, right in your browser! Desktop, phone or tablet, it doesn’t matter. Touch, keyboard, mouse, and controller support, enjoy the demo anywhere on any device.

There’s even more exciting news. We’ll be releasing the full game for iOS, Android, and Mac! We’re looking at mid 2016. We’ll also be releasing an enhanced Windows version with better graphics, higher resolution, side view battles, touch and mouse support, and many more improvements to make the game even better and more accessible on a wide range of devices.

The mobile and Mac versions will be the enhanced version of the game with all the same great improvements mentioned above.

Buy the game now on Indie Game Stand or for Windows and get a free upgrade to the enhanced version when it comes out!

Enjoy the demo and come back often to get updates.



New Stores and Guest Artists

Well hello!  So many exciting things have been going on. Let me catch you up.

First of all The Dekker Records is now available on Indie Game Stand! If you chip in a little extra we’ll throw in the game’s soundtrack! It’s a fantastic blend of Jazz, Blues, and Funk.

We have a new guest artist helping us out with some promotional art. The wonderful Sarah Aftergood. This is one of her interpretations of Dekker, done in a pulp detective novel style.

Dekker Novel

Job well done. She has also graced us with a second piece which I’m still in the process of inking and coloring. If you would like to see more of Sarah’s work check her out on Tumblr and Society6.

If you want to be our next guest artist, and get a little promotion on the side, shoot us an email at or send us a comment through the site.

Keep an eye out on our Dev Blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook for some exciting news coming up next month.



Player Handbook and Release Window

Well, hello there! I know, once again it’s been a while since we’ve last spoke. I apologize, but, good news! We have a nice little treat for you! You can now take a look at the player handbook for The Dekker Records. Peek at Dekker’s case notes, get game details, skills, mechanics and more! Take a look!

On top of that there is still time to get in the second round of the beta and give us important feedback, sign up at the forums, once you’re approved we’ll shoot you an email with a temp password. Download the beta from the forums link and give us your feedback. Be sure to check your junk email just in case.

We’re currently shopping our game around to vendors, hoping for a late Summer release. Stay tuned!

New demo, so much to see!

The new demo drops today! Here’s a nice, heaping, vertical slice of goodness. This is why we’ve been a bit quiet lately. The new demo showcases the brand new Class Crystal system, new items, weapons, dungeon, music, and character art. Newly balanced enemies offer a higher degree of challenge that brings back the goodness of classic RPG’s. Not to mention full Xbox 360 Controller support! Aren’t we good to you?

We’re looking at a Summer 2015 release of the full game. We hope to release the game on a few indie friendly sites such as Desura and Good Ol’ Games. The best part being, our final game will be DRM free! Purchase it once and it’s yours to do with as you please.

Stay tuned for all the latest news and release info, and most importantly, enjoy the new demo!

demo button



What Happens Now?

So, the Kickstarter didn’t make it. Where do we go from here? Well, The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues is still coming out. We’re going to have to release it as three separate Acts (episodes) which means the story will be more linear than what we originally envisioned (had the Kickstarter succeeded we were going to release acts 1 and 2 together, which would have allowed you to tackle either act in the order you desired). Act 1 is coming out in June with a possible Steam version at a later date.

Act 1 will have some custom art assets and a ton of new content (which we’ve told you about in past developer updates). The new art will most likely be generated by Mike and Dan working together but won’t be nearly as impressive as if we’d been able to hire someone, and won’t replace as many of the RPG Maker assets as we’d wanted. The new content is all game development stuff, right within All-Father’s wheelhouse. New classes, skills, and dungeons to explore are coming your way soon.

It also won’t have a soundtrack performed by a live band. We’ll have to figure something out about making the current soundtrack more cohesive than the blend of midi and real instrumentals that we have now. Mike is hard at work and Dan is readying his strongest criticisms as we speak.

Keep an eye on our webpage, our Twitter @AllFatherStudio, and our Facebook page at  for further developments.

We’re still accepting donation via GoFundMe which, unlike Kickstarter, this goes directly to us whether we’re funded or not. We’re also looking into possibly launching a campaign on IndieGoGo in the near future.

We’d like to thank everyone that pledged to The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues; your support means the world. Again, we will be publishing – Thunder Stone Blues is happening, and you will be able to help Dekker unravel her mystery in three low priced acts. See you in June!

Daniel Chessare and Michael Commini

Origins Pt.2

Hi again!

This time around I want to talk about why we decided to cast a woman as the main character, especially since the game’s creators and writers are men. So much can be said for how women are represented in video games, if they are at all. We see it constantly in video games, highly sexualized female characters and weak helpless women regulated to support roles. We all know the state of female representation in video games, just Google it, it’s not pretty.

When we made Dekker we had to make sure we created a balanced and well thought out character. We didn’t want to create a character, and a world, where a female detective was constantly being crapped on by her coworkers and society in general. We specifically avoided creating scenes where a man makes a sexist comment and the woman responds with some empowering speech. We also avoided the cliche where a sexist male insults a female cop for being a woman, calls her weak, and then at some point later in the story she saves his life and all of a sudden he has a new appreciation for women.

In our game there are no exclamations of “A woman guard!?” or “Why would I be scared of a dame!?”  To us, creating a truly equal and respected female character isn’t about constantly reminding the player that Dekker is a woman, it’s about reminding the player that Dekker is a person. In our game women are equal, they’ll get treated equally, for good or for worse. We didn’t ask ourselves, “What would a woman do in this situation?” We asked ourselves, “What would a hard-ass, high functioning alcoholic, private eye, do in this situation?”

Really, when all is said and done, our primary motivation for making a game with a female lead is that we thought it would interesting. It also gives us the opportunity to right a few wrongs that exist in the industry. We didn’t just add a female hero, coming in ACT 2 we’ll be introducing more characters that break the gender norms found in JRPG’s, as well as a role reversal for the ever popular Noir trope, the femme fatale.

Thanks for reading!

Daniel Chessare
Co-Founder / Designer

Origins Pt.1

Hi there,

I want to start off by saying “Thanks!” to everyone who has contributed already to our Kickstarter and also thanks for taking the time to check our site and developer blog.

Today I want to talk about some of the thoughts and ideas that went into The Dekker Records, specifically the idea to take classic JRPG and Noir tropes and turn them on their ears. The idea for TDR initially came about because of our fondness for classic JRPG’s and old noir novels by Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Once we had the idea in mind to combine the two we went about pinpointing the tropes that made JRPGs so good, and also so bad. The number one gripe we, and we believe most people, have with the JRPG genre is the narrative breaking properties of a certain resurrection item.

You know what? I’ll just say it; Phoenix Downs ruined one of the most important scenes in video game history…Aerith’s death. Really, any meaningful character death is ruined by a game where resurrection items are available to the public. Here’s how it should’ve played out “Oh no! Aerith is dead…wait, I’ll just pop down to the corner shop and purchase a Phoenix Down for 500gil because they sell them to everyone in the city.”

The first thing we wanted to address was this glaring example of “mechanics that break narrative”, while at the same time poking some fun at the idea of a world where no one really has to die. Why does every RPG sell resurrection items so cheaply? So that players have a way to beat the game. The only problem being, it has no impact on a game world that pretends that death is still something that happens, well, at least to normal folk. So, we thought it would be fun and interesting to create a world where readily available resurrection items not only have an impact but the idea that heroes, adventurers, and even monsters are all part of a vital industry that rely on them.

Once that was in place the next logical step was to take them away. After all, you can’t have a murder/mystery if death doesn’t mean anything. Of course, if heroes know they can die permanently that would throw a huge wrench into the industry of a being a professional hero.

Also, you can’t have an interesting noir murder mystery without a detective. In our next developer post we’ll talk about the biggest change we made to the JRPG and Noir genres, gender role reversal, and the impact it’ll have on the game.


Daniel Chessare
Co-Founder / Designer