Player Handbook and Release Window

Well, hello there! I know, once again it’s been a while since we’ve last spoke. I apologize, but, good news! We have a nice little treat for you! You can now take a look at the player handbook for The Dekker Records. Peek at Dekker’s case notes, get game details, skills, mechanics and more! Take a look!

On top of that there is still time to get in the second round of the beta and give us important feedback, sign up at the forums, once you’re approved we’ll shoot you an email with a temp password. Download the beta from the forums link and give us your feedback. Be sure to check your junk email just in case.

We’re currently shopping our game around to vendors, hoping for a late Summer release. Stay tuned!

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

So, it’s been a bit since we’ve last posted but rest assured, we’ve been hard at work! We decided to add more content, more gameplay and new custom art to the game.

We’re looking at a late June, early July release date and are also exploring a few sites that allow works in progress, so that we can provide early access to customers while the game is being tested and debugged.

Our new character artist is the very talented Emma Gudrian @artsygud, a student out of the College of St. Rose. Her new character work is great, check out a few pieces in the Media Gallery as well as on our Twitter: @AllFatherStudio.

As far as new in game content goes:

Day and Night: The game will have a day and night cycle that can be shifted by sleeping in Dekker’s bed. There are special events and scenarios that can only be found during the night or day.

Optional Events and Locations: There are new optional events and locations that will require some sleuthing to uncover. They grant experience, items and access to special locations

Class Crystals: Class crystals allow you to customize your characters with a new abilities, making them more flexible to your play style and to different situations. Class crystals can be swapped at any point outside of combat.

New Dungeon: A new optional dungeon with new hidden events and items!

Teleporting: A network of teleporting crystals allow the player to move between locations quickly. It also allows you to revisit dungeons and locations so that you can find every secret the game has to offer.

New Items, New Weapons, New Armor and much more!

Keep an eye out on our Twitter and our Facebook so that you can stay up to date with new developments and release information.

Things to Come

Hey, everyone.


The Kickstarter is still going, but we at All-Father Studios are already hard at work on the commercial release. So, even if you’ve played through all of the demo, what incentive do you have to buy and play the Act I story again? We’ll give you a preview of things we have already added to the game and things to come!


New Locations


We’ve already added a few new locations. Where does Dekker go when she’s not on the case or at the bar? Do those magic shops actually do anything? In the full version of the game you’ll find the answer to all these questions and more!


New Skills


We’re tweaking the already existing classes and adding a new system to allow you to tailor those classes to your playstyle. Want Dekker to have more attack power? Want access to offensive spells before you meet [name redacted]? Our new Crystal system will allow you to choose class specialties, making it even easier to play the game your way!


New Easter Eggs


Beyond the obvious influences, what strange bits of pop culture have infected our designers’ fragile minds? Sharp-eyed players will be able to find out. New references and jabs abound, rewarding exploration with insight as to just what strange bits of trivia have fermented into the heady brew that is The Dekker Records!

Michael Commini