Beta is Good to Go!

The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues Episode 1 beta is ready!
Instructions on how to participate have been added to our facebook and twitter page!

You may have already seen some exciting new changes on this very web-page. The All-Father Studios community is ready to be assembled!

We will be releasing information on how to obtain the commercial release very soon!

Thank you all for your support. It’s been a hell of a year, but we got there!

What Happens Now?

So, the Kickstarter didn’t make it. Where do we go from here? Well, The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues is still coming out. We’re going to have to release it as three separate Acts (episodes) which means the story will be more linear than what we originally envisioned (had the Kickstarter succeeded we were going to release acts 1 and 2 together, which would have allowed you to tackle either act in the order you desired). Act 1 is coming out in June with a possible Steam version at a later date.

Act 1 will have some custom art assets and a ton of new content (which we’ve told you about in past developer updates). The new art will most likely be generated by Mike and Dan working together but won’t be nearly as impressive as if we’d been able to hire someone, and won’t replace as many of the RPG Maker assets as we’d wanted. The new content is all game development stuff, right within All-Father’s wheelhouse. New classes, skills, and dungeons to explore are coming your way soon.

It also won’t have a soundtrack performed by a live band. We’ll have to figure something out about making the current soundtrack more cohesive than the blend of midi and real instrumentals that we have now. Mike is hard at work and Dan is readying his strongest criticisms as we speak.

Keep an eye on our webpage, our Twitter @AllFatherStudio, and our Facebook page at  for further developments.

We’re still accepting donation via GoFundMe which, unlike Kickstarter, this goes directly to us whether we’re funded or not. We’re also looking into possibly launching a campaign on IndieGoGo in the near future.

We’d like to thank everyone that pledged to The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues; your support means the world. Again, we will be publishing – Thunder Stone Blues is happening, and you will be able to help Dekker unravel her mystery in three low priced acts. See you in June!

Daniel Chessare and Michael Commini

Things to Come

Hey, everyone.


The Kickstarter is still going, but we at All-Father Studios are already hard at work on the commercial release. So, even if you’ve played through all of the demo, what incentive do you have to buy and play the Act I story again? We’ll give you a preview of things we have already added to the game and things to come!


New Locations


We’ve already added a few new locations. Where does Dekker go when she’s not on the case or at the bar? Do those magic shops actually do anything? In the full version of the game you’ll find the answer to all these questions and more!


New Skills


We’re tweaking the already existing classes and adding a new system to allow you to tailor those classes to your playstyle. Want Dekker to have more attack power? Want access to offensive spells before you meet [name redacted]? Our new Crystal system will allow you to choose class specialties, making it even easier to play the game your way!


New Easter Eggs


Beyond the obvious influences, what strange bits of pop culture have infected our designers’ fragile minds? Sharp-eyed players will be able to find out. New references and jabs abound, rewarding exploration with insight as to just what strange bits of trivia have fermented into the heady brew that is The Dekker Records!

Michael Commini



Kickstarter Now Live

Our Kickstarter is live as of yesterday. In the under 24 hours between this post and the Kickstarter being approved we have already raised 10% of our funding goal. A link to our Kickstarter can be found on our Fund Raising tab.

We’d like to thank all our backers who have contributed so far and preemptively thank anyone who backs us from hereon out. We appreciate you for helping us make The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues the best game we could possibly make.

Going forward into 2015 we plan to add more features to Act I and release Act II. Your funding helps us to make what we hope is already a great game into an even better one.

Look for more from us in this new year!