New Stores and Guest Artists

Well hello!  So many exciting things have been going on. Let me catch you up.

First of all The Dekker Records is now available on Indie Game Stand! If you chip in a little extra we’ll throw in the game’s soundtrack! It’s a fantastic blend of Jazz, Blues, and Funk.

We have a new guest artist helping us out with some promotional art. The wonderful Sarah Aftergood. This is one of her interpretations of Dekker, done in a pulp detective novel style.

Dekker Novel

Job well done. She has also graced us with a second piece which I’m still in the process of inking and coloring. If you would like to see more of Sarah’s work check her out on Tumblr and Society6.

If you want to be our next guest artist, and get a little promotion on the side, shoot us an email at or send us a comment through the site.

Keep an eye out on our Dev Blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook for some exciting news coming up next month.