Just a few days more!

Okay folks!

Mike here, long time no see. We’ve got some exciting news!

In just a few days we’ll be releasing The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues Enhanced Edition. It’ll feature all the Dekker Records gameplay you already know and love, updated graphics (but still with that retro feel), a new optional case, and most importantly will be available on both Mac and PC!

We’re still working out the kinks on the android and iOS releases, but hope to have them ready soon. If you were hoping to be able to find it on these platforms with the Mac release, we apologize.

Mike and Dan, The Dekker Records team

What We’ve Been Up To…

Hi there!,

It’s been a while since our last dev post, or Screen Shot Saturday on Twitter…or really any form of communication. For that, we apologise. So today I’m going to catch you up on the progress of the game and some of the decisions we’ve made over the last few months. Lets start with what we’ve been up to.

The biggest question we’ve had to face over the last few months was, “Why do a remake of the first episode instead of doing the next episode?” There are a bunch of good reasons for this, the main being a wider range of platforms, as well as a better player experience.

For the last few months we’ve been upgrading Part 1 of The Dekker Records in pretty much every way; increased resolution, tighter gameplay, extended scenes, as well as additional side quests and even the classic side view combat from classic JRPG’s.

Side View Combat

Side View Combat

Probably more exciting than all of that is the fact we’re bringing TDR to iOS, Android, and OSX. We’ve been working hard to translate the game from the old engine to the new one. We want to make sure we bring you the cleanest, most enjoyable, bug free experience that we can, which involves extensive testing on all devices. Personally we can’t support games that ship broken, half built, and riddled with bugs. We also don’t care for the “freemium” model of mobile games. So when it comes out for tablets and phones we’ll be giving you a premium game free of advertisements, microtransactions, or required connectivity. No reception or WiFi? No problem, it can be fully enjoyed while off the grid.

TDR on iPad Mini 4th Gen

TDR on iPad Mini 4th Gen

We’re also trying to support progression between episodes. The new game won’t support saves from the first version, which sucks, but we want to allow the player to carry over progress from here on out. So, hopefully, when episode 2 comes out you’ll be able to keep everything from the first episode. We hope, we’ll find out when we actually start building episode 2.

So, please, bear with us while we work out the final kinks and lay the groundwork for future episodes. We really do want to give you the best experience we can, but we’re also only a 2 man team, so things are taking a little longer than we’d like. We hope to release the Windows and Android versions in late March. The OSX release will probably come out before the iOS version because we can release that without having to go through the app store. The iOS version will probably come last since there are more hurdles to jump through with Apple than just about any other platform.

So there you have it. As always, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for your patience.


The Demo and Mobile Support!

Hello, nice to see you again.

Proudly featuring the new Dekker Records demo, right in your browser! Desktop, phone or tablet, it doesn’t matter. Touch, keyboard, mouse, and controller support, enjoy the demo anywhere on any device.

There’s even more exciting news. We’ll be releasing the full game for iOS, Android, and Mac! We’re looking at mid 2016. We’ll also be releasing an enhanced Windows version with better graphics, higher resolution, side view battles, touch and mouse support, and many more improvements to make the game even better and more accessible on a wide range of devices.

The mobile and Mac versions will be the enhanced version of the game with all the same great improvements mentioned above.

Buy the game now on Indie Game Stand or Itch.io for Windows and get a free upgrade to the enhanced version when it comes out!

Enjoy the demo and come back often to get updates.



New Stores and Guest Artists

Well hello!  So many exciting things have been going on. Let me catch you up.

First of all The Dekker Records is now available on Indie Game Stand! If you chip in a little extra we’ll throw in the game’s soundtrack! It’s a fantastic blend of Jazz, Blues, and Funk.


We have a new guest artist helping us out with some promotional art. The wonderful Sarah Aftergood. This is one of her interpretations of Dekker, done in a pulp detective novel style.

Dekker Novel

Job well done. She has also graced us with a second piece which I’m still in the process of inking and coloring. If you would like to see more of Sarah’s work check her out on Tumblr and Society6.

If you want to be our next guest artist, and get a little promotion on the side, shoot us an email at odinallfather@allfatherstudios.com or send us a comment through the site.

Keep an eye out on our Dev Blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook for some exciting news coming up next month.



Player Handbook and Release Window

Well, hello there! I know, once again it’s been a while since we’ve last spoke. I apologize, but, good news! We have a nice little treat for you! You can now take a look at the player handbook for The Dekker Records. Peek at Dekker’s case notes, get game details, skills, mechanics and more! Take a look!

On top of that there is still time to get in the second round of the beta and give us important feedback, sign up at the forums, once you’re approved we’ll shoot you an email with a temp password. Download the beta from the forums link and give us your feedback. Be sure to check your junk email just in case.

We’re currently shopping our game around to vendors, hoping for a late Summer release. Stay tuned!

Beta is Good to Go!

The Dekker Records: Thunder Stone Blues Episode 1 beta is ready!
Instructions on how to participate have been added to our facebook and twitter page!

You may have already seen some exciting new changes on this very web-page. The All-Father Studios community is ready to be assembled!

We will be releasing information on how to obtain the commercial release very soon!

Thank you all for your support. It’s been a hell of a year, but we got there!

New demo, so much to see!

The new demo drops today! Here’s a nice, heaping, vertical slice of goodness. This is why we’ve been a bit quiet lately. The new demo showcases the brand new Class Crystal system, new items, weapons, dungeon, music, and character art. Newly balanced enemies offer a higher degree of challenge that brings back the goodness of classic RPG’s. Not to mention full Xbox 360 Controller support! Aren’t we good to you?

We’re looking at a Summer 2015 release of the full game. We hope to release the game on a few indie friendly sites such as Desura and Good Ol’ Games. The best part being, our final game will be DRM free! Purchase it once and it’s yours to do with as you please.

Stay tuned for all the latest news and release info, and most importantly, enjoy the new demo!

demo button



Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

So, it’s been a bit since we’ve last posted but rest assured, we’ve been hard at work! We decided to add more content, more gameplay and new custom art to the game.

We’re looking at a late June, early July release date and are also exploring a few sites that allow works in progress, so that we can provide early access to customers while the game is being tested and debugged.

Our new character artist is the very talented Emma Gudrian @artsygud, a student out of the College of St. Rose. Her new character work is great, check out a few pieces in the Media Gallery as well as on our Twitter: @AllFatherStudio.

As far as new in game content goes:

Day and Night: The game will have a day and night cycle that can be shifted by sleeping in Dekker’s bed. There are special events and scenarios that can only be found during the night or day.

Optional Events and Locations: There are new optional events and locations that will require some sleuthing to uncover. They grant experience, items and access to special locations

Class Crystals: Class crystals allow you to customize your characters with a new abilities, making them more flexible to your play style and to different situations. Class crystals can be swapped at any point outside of combat.

New Dungeon: A new optional dungeon with new hidden events and items!

Teleporting: A network of teleporting crystals allow the player to move between locations quickly. It also allows you to revisit dungeons and locations so that you can find every secret the game has to offer.

New Items, New Weapons, New Armor and much more!

Keep an eye out on our Twitter and our Facebook so that you can stay up to date with new developments and release information.