The Demo and Mobile Support!

Hello, nice to see you again.

Proudly featuring the new Dekker Records demo, right in your browser! Desktop, phone or tablet, it doesn’t matter. Touch, keyboard, mouse, and controller support, enjoy the demo anywhere on any device.

There’s even more exciting news. We’ll be releasing the full game for iOS, Android, and Mac! We’re looking at mid 2016. We’ll also be releasing an enhanced Windows version with better graphics, higher resolution, side view battles, touch and mouse support, and many more improvements to make the game even better and more accessible on a wide range of devices.

The mobile and Mac versions will be the enhanced version of the game with all the same great improvements mentioned above.

Buy the game now on Indie Game Stand or for Windows and get a free upgrade to the enhanced version when it comes out!

Enjoy the demo and come back often to get updates.



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